Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In other's words: Murray Gell-Mann

Listening to a speech by a Nobel Prize winner in Physics was the last place I expected to be inspired as a designer, but there was this one phrase:
"A theory appears to be beautiful or elegant (or simple if you prefer) when it can be expressed concisely in terms of mathematics we already have."

...in terms of mathematics we already have.  I think this is really significant.  I can't quite put it together yet, but here's what I have discovered:  the better solution is always ridiculously simple and once you reach the best solution, you will realize that you knew it all along.    I suspect it has something to do with returning to your source of inspiration.

That seems to be all that I can articulate at the moment, but I promise that I will return to these topics of  beauty and simplicity, since to me they are interchangeable and essential for the creative process.

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