Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hello patient readers

I would like to announce the launch of my new site: Do Nothing Design. It is actually quite similar to this site in that I will be addressing many of the same topics. However, I have found a way to keep my observations organized. I have found a mentor. His name is Masanobu Fukuoka and he was a farmer. My site is inspired by his revolutionary methods of do-nothing farming, in which he advocates simple observation of nature to solve problems in food production. In reading his book The One-Straw Revolution I was blown away by the parallels I could draw between his life as a farmer and the life I wanted as an artist. Hence, I have decided to dissect his book one chapter at a time, comparing creative processes and hopefully finding my own connection to the source of pure creativity.

I would love to welcome you to follow my new site and regret to say that IAmDesigner will most likely become a thing of the past. Not to worry, however, I am still as passionate as ever about the creative process. It is simply time for a new venue.

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