Friday, October 16, 2009

IAm ebb and flow.

Well now, what an exciting week this has been!  I want to take a moment to pause and thank each and every one of you who has taken the time to blog, write, even call me this past week.  Being thrust into the blogosphere has been at once thrilling and intimidating, leaving me to do what only feels right: proceed with baby steps and be grateful in every moment.

I am learning about the ebb and flow of life.  I am learning that resistance to this is inevitably futile.  It is becoming more and more essential that I continuously return to my initial excitement and enthusiasm.  My work is what it is.  I can only do the very best that I am capable of right now.   It is essential that I do not get too absorbed in the ephemeral nature of fame and fortune.  The only way I can continue doing my absolute best is to observe the highs and lows from a place of peace and inspiration. 

I have been thrilled to witness that my work can inspire other creative minds, and that artists young and old can come together to cheer each other on.  I have been inspired to do my part in recognizing my fellow creators.  I tend to be a secret admirer, but after experiencing the warmth of others, it leaves me no options but to return this warmth and support. 

Thank you everyone.

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