Friday, October 23, 2009

IAm learning what is good for me.

At this point, my life lies before me in a series of days that are wide open.  I wake when I want, I eat what I want, I do what I want, I sleep when I want.  I have been blessed (cursed?) with no imposed schedule and the freedom to nurture my own habits, routines, priorities and preferences.  Yet I've noticed that, while each day might vary only slightly, I still have significant good days and bad days.  In fact, I'm beginning to suspect that even if I lived a string of identical days, some would be "good" and some "bad."  So right away I can conclude that perhaps it doesn't really matter what I do, but rather the mindset in which I do it.  I have begun to take a lot of mental notes regarding what contributes to a "good" day.  I've starting compiling list.

Things that make a good day:

-Upon waking, I take a moment to stop the noisy stream of thoughts and think "I'm here, right now."  "I'm here, right now."  A surprising amount of baggage drops away when you can begin to comprehend "I'm here, right now."
-I do all things, most importantly the little things, with intent.  I am aware what I am doing at any given moment.  I aware of making breakfast, I am aware I'm eating it.  I'm aware of using my senses.  I'm aware of my body.  
-I create in some capacity.  I try to make at least one thing a little better, a little more satisfying, and little more beautiful.
-I listen to someone else as if what they are saying is important and can teach me something about both of us.  Because most likely what they are saying is important and can teach me something about both of us.  Even better, someone listens to me too.  Be around people who can listen and get what you are saying.  It's okay to choose not to be around some people. 
-I savor.  Food, moments, colors.  Just pause and savor.

-I give. (I really need to work on this more.)  Even in designing, I design as if it is a gift for someone.  Also helping, that feeling of having made someone else a little bit happier.
-Again!  "I'm here, right now."  "I'm here, right now."  Get rid of any baggage that has built throughout the day.  And you will feel so grateful.  For everything, namely, the chance to experience this whole thing.
- Quiet.  I schedule in some quiet. Also nature.  Nature goes well with quiet.

-I surround myself with things that are easy for me to love.  In doing this, I develop a personal style.  In doing this, I become increasingly true to myself.  I become aware of my uniqueness.  I become confident without hubris.

Oh boy, there are so many more, a lot of which I have having troubling saying in words.  I'll keep adding. 

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Rowan said...

Kara, great blog and beautiful work. I appreciate your voice and how you speak about the creative process, I share daily the process of making and being. Some good, some bad, but ever grateful for either.